Writing about my feelings hasn’t just become a thing. I’ve been writing about them, but I’ve never been public with them. It wasn’t until I learned that I’m not the only person dealing with feeling and others have a really hard time as well. A mentor of mine told me sometimes people need to hear your story to cope or deal with their issues. Sometimes it’s an outlet to them knowing that they’re not alone.

Depression is not something you can pull yourself out of fast, unless you’re a pro. Many times it takes a while and you have to be in the right head space. People that haven’t experienced depression or anxiety will tell you it’s just a phase you just need some positivity and prayer. Without knowing you or the journey you’ve been on that may not be possible. Most don’t know it but depression doesn’t start as just one thing. It may be a pile of things that have gotten too big to fit in our hiding place.

Depression may come with a smile or it may come with isolation. Some of the time the person with depression can’t even verbalize what’s wrong because they can’t pinpoint the feeling of distress. I know for me mine comes with emptiness, like people can see through my soul. I am all for uplifting being the empowerment of others. Holding your hand, pulling you up, sprinkling that magic and cheering for my team. I’ll cheer you up, lift your head up, walk you into the bar and get you f’d up because that’s me I care. But when my depression comes the emptiness clouds me, it knocked me off my path. It’s been even harder without my grandmother’s lap to lay may head in. So I’ve been holding onto these feelings, even though they come and go I triumph most days.

Here’s my method to madness when these feelings surface:

I try to pinpoint what I feel

Figure out WHY

Now I pray, starting off being thankful then leading into breakthrough and healing then I end with thanksgiving


Realize you are not broken many people have gone through this

  • I have added morning affirmations to my day to start off positive.
  • I have a journal so I can rid myself of those feelings as soon as they creep into my mind.
  • I have joined Facebook groups that uplift and give advice without judgement. They help no matter what you’re going through.

Just always remember you’re not alone, sometimes you just need to ask for help or tell your story.