How are you? It’s been awhile since we just sat down and talked. I’ve really missed you so.

Lately I’ve been debating. My heart and my head fighting. Both believing that they know best for me.

My heart knows where I’m supposed to be, somewhere wrapped in your arms, but my brain give me a different vibe. Brain says you started this so get your shit in order.

As I walk my journey I feel this nagging emptiness and I do believe it’s you. You were my friend, my lover, my listening ear. We have this gravitational pull that’s just unbearable.

Missing the kisses that trailed my neckline. Missing the pillow talk. Back rubs and bear hugs. Intellectual mind fucking was done when we talked. It was an explosion of black love, knowledge and orgasms all rolled into one.
Oh how I’m missing you just want to kiss you.

I think I’ve made a mistake giving others my heart to break. You’re the only one who believed I deserved the delicacy of a mutual love, respect, and sexual gratification given by more than physical strokes.

You’ve given me literary strokes.

You’ve stroked my hair and held me close.

You’ve caressed my heart and made it beat comfortably inside my chest.

Mending my heart time after time as I lost my shit.

All while being able to give me backshots round after round.

Oh how I miss your delicious kisses that create friction and warmth between the creases where my thighs meet.

Can’t wait until our eyes meet once again.

Severely Unsatisfied