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Fatima wrote her first story when she was a freshman in high school. Being a writer had been Fatima’s dream right along with a creative writing teacher. It was all she could think about. When her guardian forbade her to release the ideas that were in her head onto paper, her dreams became null. Under a cloud of the self-doubt and inadequacy, Fatima returned to life with her head on straight. Her light had been dimmed by discouragement and disapproval.

After 15 long years, Fatima made an agreement with herself. It was time to stop playing around and step into her purpose and live her life in color like she’s supposed to.  Only she can make her dreams come true and push through any doubts she has. Nothing can stop her but herself. 

This blog came from my experiences. I am creating this blog as a landing to get my work out there and to create a fan base. 

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