Soooooo this author is one of my favorites because:

  1. I know her in person. (Yaaayyyy!!!!)
  2. Her writing leaves you in suspense as well as gives your a no bullshit main female character.

Jasmine Jones, a.k.a. Author Santana is a beast with the pen when the time comes. Her debut novel was She Was A Thugs Weakness was astonishing. This was the first book I ever seen with the role reversal of the male and female characters.

(I will do full reviews on all of her books in separate blogs pieces.)

Finishing her first novel in 3 months sparked the fire that she always had. As artist we all run into road blocks that leave us discouraged, which I unfortunately know a lot about. Being glad that her first creation was finished I was in love with her courage and still scared out of my wits.

Her pieces will have you on the edge of your seats. Each week of this month I will recommend a book and the first on the list is her prized possession She Was A Thugs Weakness, make sure you check out her full catalog as well.

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One of the best authors I know personally and also a great friend. She’s DOPE, I tell you.