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Author Santana creates this story of pure edge of your seat madness.

From the beginning of the story Marcus and Isabella created a bond over a secret that should have never been shared. Swiping through this book you see Isabella become comfortable in her skin deciding that it was her life and she would live it how she damn well pleased.

Between Isabella, Marcus, Tony, Tre and Chase this was a lovely rollercoaster ride that I just knew would end in a tragedy. This book teaches you to never assume anything and expect the unexpected. Most the women of this creation held steadfast rules over their own love life and Santana gave them all the CLIMAX they needed.

Each character is created with the most realistic traits imaginable, making them totally believable. Santana leaves you wanting more and more and then she gives you the twist of a lifetime go download it, buy it, or rent it from the library this book is A MUST READ!!!!

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