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Living Non-Negotiable Team

Here I will post different authors of the upcoming novel I am apart of “Living a Non-Negotiable Lifestyle”

Non-Negotiable is defined as not open to discussion or modification. We’ve added our spin on life demanded we to start living this way. Living this way is an inevitable push towards our personal greatness.

Tabatha Washington

The first author I’m introducing is Tabatha Washington.

She has been committed to living non-negotiable since 2017. She started her dream 20 years ago, then blew out the flame. But in 2017 she relit the fire and hasn’t looked back. Leaving a full time gig to pursue her dream by any means necessary! She has a passion to put love in every slice.

You can learn more about her and Confections factory by checking out her website. http://www.confectionsfactoryllc.com/

#confectionsfactory #lovefood #loveineveryslice #dedicated #cake #pies #sweets #poundcake

Tamara Liberty Smith

My next author is a woman that focuses on leading by example and giving others the ability to be an #Extraordinarytreasures which also happens to be the name of her non-profit. 

Dedicated to the citizens of the city and driven to make a change in every life she touches! To her the citizens of Detroit are non-negotiable. They need a fighter and that is her!

You can learn more about her you can check her out at

#liberty4thepeople #TLSmith #liberty #change #Michigan #Detroit #growth

Tiara Reese

Have you met Ms. Tiara Reese? Well from managing properties, selling properties, investments and more. She decided to tell you her story of life in the Reese Lane.

A proactive professional dedicated to non-negotiable living using self-care. She’s committed to developing in all 50 states, staying connected to family all while staying focused on the prize. So, this picture fits. She is always ready for something. Business or personal growth is truly #non-negotiable.

#business #life #realestate #management #entrepreneur #womanhood

Brandi Shelton

Look at my lovely co-author. Thank you for letting me be apart of this wonderful experience. Meet the next author in the Living a Non-negotiable lifestyle anthology, Brandi Shelton! Sassy, driven, focused and determined!

I want us all to be successful in everything we do. Together we are unstoppable!!!! Now watch us work….

You can learn more about her at

#WCW ##ambitious #power #strength #drive #business #bprinciples #loyal#ucsmg

Shar Halliburton

Hey check out this beautiful Spartan co-author Shar Halliburton. A beautiful friend and a colleague! She is the go getter, task oriented professional with a true heart of gold. A Sparty that can tell how to get it together with a smile. 

She is non-negotiable because she commits to change, removes obstacles by not allowing procrastination to set in and most importantly stands firm in striving for success.

#spartan #green #white #change #success #goals#nonnegotiable

Cole Norton

Co-author Cole Norton is our young entrepreneur with non-negoitable focus and determination. Look at our team 😍. This author line up is so diverse! 

Men and and women, right! All generations and most importantly various backgrounds that really develop anyone seeking to live a non-negotiable lifestyle!

Well meet our California power driver! Under 21, dedicated and built by entrepreneurs! He is a current #UCLA student with a focus on non-negotiable community development. With entrepreneurial blood running through his veins and a passion for urban development Cole Norton understands what it means to be #nonnegotiable on life, business and change. 

Building his legacy in the communities of Detroit and beyond this young man is dedicated to enriching the lives of others. Thus far he has created a urban garden in the Warrendale community and is looking to do more.

Yalonda Wynn

Look at my co-author Yalonda Wynn with the co-op space on Greenfield. She the bomb.com😍

Met a woman and her story was so epic I had to add her. Meet our next author, Yalonda Wynn. A pioneer in life running multiple businesses and staying connected to the community, family and friends.

She demands a non-negotiable lifestyle because quitting is never an option.

Once she commits to a goal she power drives it forward cause it’s only success on her mind.

#business #goals #education #focus #detroit#growth #ambition #bprinciples #growth #entrepreneurship #success #committed

Regina Crump

You need to strategize with this super professional woman Regina Crump. Here’s another one of my beautiful co-authors. Isn’t she lovely😍😍😍 I had to wait till she left the boardroom.

Our next author is owner of 7 B Strategies. A woman that spends her day working to professionally develop those that want to grow beyond barriers and move from general labor to management or management to corporate. She is geared to show how to “be a beast” in the boardroom.

Her life became #nonnegotiable in 2018 and she hasn’t looked back. Developing people daily showing that everyone is force.

#beastmode #changethesterotype #growth #change

Nicole Pettiway

Welcome our next author, Nicole Pettiway! Her journey unfolds by a life changing reflection on her health and financial wellness. She was challenged in both areas and prevailed by setting non-negotiable goals for making changes that increased her life internally and externally.

How!? Well you gotta get the story from her. But let me share this with you she is committed to helping others achieve the same greatness. Committed to helping you live just as non-negotiable as she does!

#nonnegotiable #goals #financial #wellness #health#education 

To understand the Why behind every dream you to have “faith”.

Faith in your vision, purpose, ability and more. The world was built on the faith of a mustard seed. Ready to conquer every obstacle and build a #nonnegotiable lifestyle. Meet our next author, Faith Larkins.

Her life became #nonnegotiable when she had to stand for herself and all the woman that came after her! She beat the odds and every day breathes non-negotiable goals and lifestyle changes that elevate #mindbodyspirit do you have#Faith? Can you live non-negotiable?

#growth #purpose #change #knowyourvalue#lifestyle #faith

Ryan Reed

The next man is our Non-negotiable brother and security professional! Meet Ryan Reed if you haven’t already! 

Cooler than cucumber and hotter than fan! Lol. Always relaxed! It’s so much and not enough to say cause he just so cool!

But when you read story…….

Angelique Spires

A day of reflection is a perfect opportunity to introduce you to the Non-negotiable first lady. She helps those push beyond challenge and enrich their lives through Christ! 

Evang Angelique Spires it is an honor to watch you work. From the church to various charities and the seeing your impact on others! Thank you for your non-negotiable lifestyle. 

Your change breathes life into others!
#Jesus #change #growth #firstlady #nonnegotiable

Kieara Johnson

This go getter has created an entity of its own. Meet Kieara Johnson one of the owners of The Charge Bot. Kieara is a Mompreneur with help.

She lives by this theory: Watch your thoughts, for they become words. Watch your words, for they become actions. Watch your actions, for they become habits. Watch your habits, for they become character. Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.’

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