Have you ever had a recurring dream and no matter what the outcome still remained the same when morning came?

I have and there lies my motivation.

I talk to GOD every morning, most days I didn’t think He would talk back. I’m learning to be patient because He may not speak with words all the time but He will work through miracles and blessings.

For almost 15 years I’ve let my gift idle on the back burner. Always warming but never boiling. Ideas crowded my thoughts but fear wouldn’t bring them to life.

One day in my morning prayer. I burst into teats. I didn’t know why, but it felt as if this was my overflow. I was being given a word. “Why are you letting the gift I gave you lie dormant, my child?”

I had an answer, but I didn’t want to give it because as a child of GOD fear should be the least of my worries. FAITH should have been my main focus. So I used a different excuse that day. I used my hobby won’t give us money as fast as the catering business would so I’m waiting for things to get in order.

I was shook because the room went silent and there was me and my breathing.

“HOBBY!” The Lord taunted me like it was the ultimate offense. “I’ve blessed you with the ability to create generational wealth and create literary works of art. Your gift is not only for money it is for knowledge, creativity and to tell your story.

That day I was stuck, still trying to doubt myself out of my gift. It wasn’t until I received an offer, to give my P.O.V on my non-negotiable for success, that I realized I needed to get on the ball.

All these years I’ve wasted had led me to this moment. I may not be where I want to be, but God has me right where I need to be.