My perception as a writer is skewed due to me being a reader as well.

Growing up I had this idea of being on the NY best seller list would be me making it. All the greats had made their mark: Zane, Terri McMillian, Zora Thurston, Erick Jerome Dickey and more.

Here in 2019, I will be a writer in the new age. Kindle will be my 0.99¢ claim to fame with 30,000 genres, categories, and subtitles to make popular. (I may be exaggerating with the 30,000)

Watching the industry over these past couple of years I’ve seen how some authors flood the market. While others you may see four times a year at most. Some books are in the wrong category to be #1. Industry beef sell books and all the drama gets noticed and that’s kind of wild to me.

Everyone can write a book but who has the passion or the calling for it. You can tell when a person has left their heart on the page. Or they’ve let their characters come and take over the book. That there is worth the read.

As readers, we have unrealistic expectations because the world we live in is so full of instant gratification. We expect part 2 of the book when we just read the “to be continued…” of the book that just dropped.

So being on both sides of the spectrum I intend to have good follow up rate when creating a series without giving you trash.