Behind the scenes, writers have a hard time. (Disclaimer before you get offended I’m not speaking for everyone.)

We have to pre-write, brainstorm, brain dump, create draft after draft. Improve and perfect, revise, edit, proofread and edit some more and then give y’all a clean copy. All while fighting with these characters in our head.

A lot of times readers think it’s easy to drop book after book. They think you’re in control of your own thoughts, but you’re not the character’s are. We try not to let them run us but after a while, there’s no fighting them because it’s their story to tell. We are creating their version of the world, imaginary or not.

Even if you’re not a writer it’s good to apply these processes to your life. Pre-write or brainstorm ideas before jumping in head first. Many things and ideas need multiple drafts before you have something viable. And always have someone you trust or pay someone to help edit and proofread before you publish or present your final draft.

There’s a process to being creative. Although there are many different ways to do it, sometimes you have to appreciate the steps it took to get there.

Inspired by Ashantay Keys latest novel “She Stole My Novel” You guys should check it out too. Click HERE for the link.