Yes, black meditation is different. Over the years, there have been meditation programs, apps, and many more on the market. They do work (we give them credit), but they were never tailored for black people or women of color.

Meditation is as old as time itself. This spiritually alleviating exercise has been used o redirect negative energy, calm a raging mind, and return one to a place of thoughtfulness and peace. The idea of medication is to remind you of who you are and gain control over the things that wish to overwhelm you.

Black women wake up to a barrage of battles every day. Whether it is the demons inside of you, your family, relationship, or job, they are torn into pieces to fulfill a responsibility to others, but not to themselves. Black women are strong, resilient, and persistent, but an unstable mind is a ticking bomb.

Meditation follows the same pattern, wearing comfortable clothing, finding a quiet spot, and letting your feeling rearrange and align with the supernatural. Black meditation is having another black person walk you through the process of calming you down, of reminding you how tough and ready you are.

Do not get this twisted; you could decide to listen to whatever voice or music or create the perfect scenario, but experience is the best teacher. Today, we have meditation apps and programs designed for black women or women of color that awakens your spirit and delves into thoughts you bottled or ignored for so long.

Do black people need meditation?

Everybody, especially black people, need meditation. Life is so disproportioned for the black woman. Thinking of it; there is truly never a period of sincere and deep rest except when you are sleeping. You wake up each day to a recurrent cycle of stress, pain, and sorrow. The feeling of wanting but not getting, of giving but never enough, or loving but never loved need to dissipate. Meditation is the only positive channel that will help.

Getting it right

Find the right meditative guide – as mentioned, there are many black meditation channels created to cater specifically to black people. They talk you through the process, calming, reassuring, and empowering your mind to greater heights.

Choose the intention – we are sure you have a long list, but meditation is about calming your mind, reducing the negative energy that vibes around you. So before you think of the things that must get done, choose one that affects you mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Be intentional – do not give excuses for the choices you make. Do what makes you happy, and it is you first, others later. When you are sound, everyone around you enjoys your energy. For once in your life, be selfish and let it be about you.

Choose a positive mantra – now, this can be as black as you want. Your mantra can be good soulful music, a speech that invigorates your spirit, or chants that boost your confidence.

Black meditation is different; it is a spiritual pathway and opportunities to care for you. It cannot be that difficult, as all you need is to be present and find your way to calmness.