I have always shied away from talking about or giving tips about relationships for different reasons. The first reason is that I believe that there is no one size fits all for relationships.

Another reason is that what works for Mister A might not work for Mister B, and vice versa.

Regardless of these, I have come to the conclusion that, yes, I agree that relationships are different, hence you can’t use the same one manual for all, but I believe that there are a few basic tips that works for ALL relationships, and which I will like to share with you.

The first tip is DON’T BE SELFISH. In relationships, I have found that a lot of people tend to be self-centered. They love to focus on themselves more than the other party.

If you’re like that in your relationship, then that’s wrong and you need to change. A relationship is not about a single person. It is about both of you, and you need to stop acting like the relationship revolves around you alone.

The second tip is NEVER COMPARE. I have girls go “if only my man treated me like Keisha’s man”, “if only my man takes me out and spoils me silly like Julie’s”, etc.

This is all shades of wrong. You should not compare your partner with anybody’s partner. You shouldn’t envy other people’s relationships, because regardless of what they show you outside, trust me when I say there are lots of things going on in their private lives that they are not showing.

The third tip is COMMUNICATION. A lot of you lovers don’t know how to communicate. You think shouting and screaming at each other is communicating. No, it’s not!

When you sense that things are not working fine, reach out to the other party, in love, and express your thoughts and feelings, in love too.

Don’t nag or make complaints. A lot of people don’t understand nagging and complaints, I for one don’t. I prefer to be communicated with and not nagged to death.

My last tip (for today) is CELEBRATE YOURSELVES. A lot of you do relationships like it’s some job or call of duty. This will kill your relationship faster than any terminal disease.

You all need to find time to reignite, rediscover, and celebrate your love. This has nothing to do with spending a huge sum of money, but more of doing little but memorable things that will help you bond well.

My last tip (I just remembered this now. Lol) is LEARN FORGIVENESS. If you are someone who finds it difficult to forgive and let go, you have no business dating.

Remember that the other person is not your relative and they are humans too, who are prone to making mistakes and errors.

And it is in your place to be able to forgive them and forget their errors because that’s what love does.

True love forgives and forgets mistakes!

Relationships are beautiful and amazing, but they can go south in the twinkle of an eye if both parties don’t act right.

Acting right goes beyond physical intimacy, it entails knowing the right things to do, and the wrong things that shouldn’t be done.