The ending is so hard. I’m wrapping up 16 years today. Memories will forever flood my heart.

A long time ago I let someone steal my pen or at least I thought she did. I thought I got it back but this pen has a connection of it’s own. It has been wrapped up in this one leading character for sixteen long years and been stuck. The ink of this pen knew the ins and outs of his mind, drew the veins of his heart and committed his face to memory. The ink of this pen knew the taste of his lips and the warmth of his body. Uncertain how I got this far with this one character leading my way. I know I can do this I’m just not sure if I can do this without you. Dedication is real and this pen stayed loyal from the start no matter how many characters came the ink only remembered your pain.

I should be ashamed of myself for letting my pen be controlled not that I didn’t enjoy every screaming moment of it. Every toe curling moment of it. Every heart ache and pain. Every piece of joy and every smile you created. You’ve held this pen this same amount of times that I have, maybe more.  It’s just so much pain behind these eyes. Pain that I have yet to conquer and because of this heart attack. I don’t know if I can ever love again like this. I can’t love with my whole soul because you never gave it back. I’ve been broken into many pieces and most of them belong to you. I am full of love for myself but this takes the cake.

Every Closing Curtain Is Not the ‘End of an Era’