Well, last day of January we done got 2021 out of our system. Let’s do some manifesting.

February brings abundance, peace, and love in all areas of my life.

Financial abundance, success, and freedom have been bestowed upon my life.

I am a money magnet! Prosperity is drawn to me! I always attract abundance! Easily and effortlessly is my reality!

I am grateful Caramel Xpressions Presents is expanding and creating several consistent streams of income rapidly.

I chose to experience all the abundance the universe has to offer now.

I’m aligning my vibrations to the frequencies of happiness and abundance.

I acknowledge all the good in my life and i see that more and more good is happening for me.

I will have self-published the 3 urban romance novels that have been started and completed swiftly and easily by April 1, 2022.

I am evicting myself out of my own head!


Trusting myself!

Getting it done!

Stepping outside of myself!

Getting out of my own DAMN way!

I am open to the flow of great creative abundance in all areas of my life!

What’s mine will find its way back to me.