Author. Creative Consultant. Graphic Designer. Mother. Role Model. Wife. The list could go on.

She has a new release out called Dear Truth and another dropping tomorrow called I’m Not The One.

Creating relationships with these DOPE ASS WOMEN I meet is my favorite thing in the world. Doing this has had me on a journey withing myself to get my shit together and get it done, but this woman here is extra special to me. She’s showed me some great tips on how to defeat my writer’s block. She been a great help in completing my book, which I’ve missed two deadlines already. She’s pushing me to get it done. Smart. Funny. Creative. Thai gives a new spin on mentorship. She shares her knowledge and makes sure your stick to your goals. I’m very grateful to have her in my corner and to know our long distance relationship has a purpose.

Now as for her books I call it art imitating life because the way she digs into to life events and make them her own. As the reader, you feel as if these characters are your friends and sometimes even you. Given a blank screen she gives you urban romance and history, not all of us have to write urban grit and get noticed. No offense I love urban grit/hood stories but I fell in love with romance and erotica at a young age and Thai gives me that when it’s needed. I will be doing a book review on one of my favorites from her with which was Love Without Limits: Just Another Love Story

Make sure you check Thai and her full catalog out.

Thanks for the encouragement these last couple months this book is getting finished because of you.