Check in with another one of my favorite authors that I personally know.

I’m not biased because the women I know write dope as HELL! Even though Miss Candice kill everybody, she’s a beast with the pen.

So I fell in love with Miss Candice when she dropped the series Then There Was Us: A Ghetto Love In Detroit. The book was what I needed all 4 pieces are in my collection.

From poetry to fiction Miss Candice has penned over 60 books and I’m 99% sure I’ve read 87% of them. Constantly creating pieces for her fans she has stumbled into the world of science fiction and historic realms. She’s pregnant with a new idea, which involves vampires in the mid 1800s. I do believe you’ll love this story between Kross and Effie. If you want to taste her take on urban science fiction you need to read Hendrix and Monroe: For The Love of Drug Money

Being a mother, an author, publisher and a wife is something that I can relate to. Trying to make a name for yourself in this industry is even harder now due to technology. You must have drive to exceed the limitations they place on us not only as African American Authors, but Women African American Authors. When I say Candice does a great job at creating literary spaces for me to enjoy and be apart of.

Miss Candice Presents is a self-made publishing company owned and operated by Miss Candice herself. The company was founded in 2015. It currently houses ten talented and hardworking Urban Fiction authors.

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Thank you for pushing through your hard times and blessing us with the contents of your mind.