I have been working on bringing my first novel/novella
to life (depending on my word count).

Here’s a synopsis of Wrong Lover.

Behind this perfect marriage that’s portrayed Julisa is very unhappy and depressed, but she knows how to put on a brave face when necessary. Dorien her husband cheats with no prevail and his only come to Jesus is Julisa has no proof.

Catching the eye of an old lover she doesn’t know is watching, her life is about to spin out of control. Giving Dorian a taste of his own medicine would be the best feeling in the world, but does she have it in her to change roles?

Dorien loved and protected his wife, but nonetheless he was a man that needed to be satisfied in different ways by different women. “What she don’t know won’t hurt her,” was his model. Time had progressed and his fixation on this one woman was becoming unbearable, but it was in his best interest not to pursue because his whole world would crash and burn if anyone ever found out especially his wife.

Noor is back home from traveling the world. After college he became a photographer which barely used his degree but following his dream was the best thing he could have ever done but he was missing the love of his life and no one could replace her.

Christian’s marriage was for the public’s eye to create massive clout for her husband’s campaign. Living a lie she falls into a deep spiral which causes he to do the unthinkable. With relationships and families on the line how does she come back from this super fail?

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