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A lonely night at home was what you were going through.

Your girl was out of town on a work trip. She promised to be home tomorrow. While you were watching television someone knock at the door.
You ran upstairs to see who you had to shoot, it was entirely too late to be at your door especially without calling. You opened the door to find the woman you’d been missing standing there in a beige trench coat.

She opened her coat revealing that she had next to nothing on. She wiggled showcasing her red thong and bra. You snactced her in before she showed the whole hood your goodies. Giving her a long lust filled kissed you couldn’t wait to feel her warmth wrapped around you. You missed her so much.

These two weeks have went by so slow so now it was time to break out the sex treats. This was a very rare occasion because she was always so busy between school and work. You had whip cream, strawberries, cherries and ice, she loved ice.

She asked you to remove her thong, so you followed her directions and removed them with your teeth. You spread a sheet out on the floor because this was bound to get messy. Once she laid down you set a piece of ice in the middle of her stomach. When she was nice and wet you put the ice in your mouth and slowly pushed it into her melting pot. Then as she let out a moan you lifted her up off the floor, to see the water trickle out as she melted the ice.

Once you stuck your tongue into her to find that the ice had melted it was time to satisfy your taste for her. You French kissed the lips of her bottom half so perfectly. You nibbled on her clitoris gently, watching her body arch as she leaked more fluid.

Her body was screaming for you to be inside of her. Soon as you dipped inside you could have cum right on the spot because she gripped you tight. As she cooed to your entrance her body hummed as you felt her walls close around you. You didn’t know how long you would be able to last watching her nipples hypnotize you as her titties bounced. Or the way she bit her lip as her eyes seemed to peer into your soul.

On that note you flipped her over and started stroking her from the back. With every stroke she arched deeper meeting you halfway. She raised her right leg as you dipped deeper into her forbidden fruit. Her pussy throbbed as your tongue caressed her skin. She wrapped you in her warm coating once more as you came sliding out of her.

She didn’t know that round two was minutes away. Tonight was all about her pleasure since she came to your rescue.

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