Hey you! Yeah you there.

How are you doing today, truly?

I know you’re not fine, so don’t speak it.

I see you’re not okay, so don’t lie.

Seeing you walk pass everyday.

Same smile plastered onto a brave face.

Tell me you’re not okay.

I’ll listen as you bare your soul.

I’ll pick up your pieces as you let your world unfold.

Stand here and look me in my eyes.

Embrace me while you break down and cry.

The memories flood the scene.

And now things seem to make sense.

As you look into this mirror and be true to yourself.

You stop doing yourself a disservice.

Your scars may be barely there, but we still see the hurt.

Instead of ignoring the pain or wallowing in it,

We have decided to take the band-aid off and air out the wound.

It may hurt, but there’s a method to your madness.

Just remember your story may be the thing that digs someone else out of their hole.