My alarm went off. It was time to go see Julisa again and she better had fixed her attitude by now. This shit all her family, with her lying ass. I do believe she didn’t cheat on me. It was my reaction in the moment. To think that my wife, my most proceed possession, opened her legs for another man. My conscience ate at me a little as I rolled over from Christian. As she laid there her skin was bathing in the sunrise. “You better hurry up and get to the hospital they should be releasing her soon.”

“They said 24 to 36 hours. I still got some time.” Shaking my head in doubt knowing she was right.

“Dorien roll the fuck out my bed, take a shower and go see your wife. She the best thing you got going right now and as much as I have to admit it we wrong. Point blank period. While you here fucking and sucking on me she laid up in the hospital because of you. How the fuck shitty is that.” The look of disgust made me so fucking mad. How dare she defend her. This shit all her fault anyway we wouldn’t be here if she ain’t lie.

“Man she shouldn’t have fucking lied, that point blank period. You always fucking defending her, why? You just as fucked up as I am in this. So before you go putting me out, consider this partially your fault too.”

“Trust me I know I let this shit go way too far. In order for you to ever make it work with her, I gotta stop throwing this cougar pussy at you, huh.” She walked up on me and rubbed my bald head as I laid it on her nice caramel tits.

“Don’t worry Dorien this was the last time. I won’t answer again, just know that.” Quickly picked my head up and looked her in her face. She crazy as hell to think she about to regulate some shit over here. She went over to the window and started rummaging in her purse. 

“Whatever Christian you said that last time, but yet here we are and you ain’t going nowhere.” I gloated as I headed to the shower. Once I was in and out the shower, Christian was gone and I was left there to think about a lot of shit. Let me go apologize to my wife, even though this shit her fault I did kinda almost kill her. It took me almost an hour to get my thoughts together and head up to the hospital. I walked past the front desk because I knew where to go. I got there and everything was cleaned up and gone.

“Excuse me where did you guys move Mrs. Mosley.” I asked one of the nurses.

“Mrs. Mosley was discharged this morning. We figured she called you.” As the nurse packed here cart.

“Who did she leave with?” My tone was aggressive and the young lady kinda stared at me for a second. “I’m sorry I just worried about somebody taking advantage of my wife.”

“I think she left with her mother, I think her name was, umm…” “Christian!” We both chimed together.

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