I damn near died when the doctor said that shit.

“Ma’am we’ve notified your husband since he’s your emergency contact he should be here shortly.

My heart dropped dead to my toes. “No, you shouldn’t have done that…” As spoke those words in walked that bastard and his eyes dared me to finish my sentence, but they also held a look of concern.

“Oh my what happened baby, are you ok?” He gripped me into a tight bear hug as he took a seat on the hospital besides me. He whispered in my ear “Next time you’ll know better right.” I nodded and the staff assumed I was answering if I was ok.

I didn’t know what to do but I refused to stay with a man that beats on me. I was already on my way out, this added to the list of shit. He’s never done this before. Been married for about 3 years now and been together going on 10. I’ll have to repent after this abortion because I’ll be damned if I bring a baby into this mess.

“Did Mrs. Mosley give you the good news? Your baby is fine. There was a little nic on the amniotic sac, but we managed to get in there before anything drastic reared its ugly head.” The light on that man’s face could not be dimmed until the doctor said. “We never got to the bottom of what happened due to Mrs. Mosley just waking up. Do you remember anything at all?”

Oh, I could feel Dorien staring a hole into the side of my face, “I actually don’t, all I remember is waking up here.” I lied because the quicker I got the hell out of this hospital would be the quickest way for me to get the fuck away from him.

“We’re having a baby?” Was all that stupid muthafucka could say. He couldn’t admit to the doctor’s that he left his unconscious wife laying on the floor hanging on to her life after beating her senseless, he couldn’t do it. He rubbed and kissed on my stomach and it disgusted me.

The staff said they’d be back to check my vitals a little bit later, leaving me alone with the monster. Once that door closed, I was terrified of what would happen next.

“You know we wouldn’t even be in this hospital getting this big ass bill sent to our insurance if you as would’ve just done right.” The audacity he had to blame this shit on me.

“Oh, so it’s my fault you couldn’t control your temper and acted out in such a rage. You’s a stupid muthafucka I swear fo’ Jesus. You dumb ass can dish it out but can’t take what karma has in store for that ass.”

“Man if it weren’t for you actually being pregnant I’d kill yo ass right here. Why would you think it’s ok for you to be giving my pussy to Dick, Tom, and Harry when you felt like it? Is that baby even mine?” He was foaming at the mouth.

“But Keisha and Stacy from the block can get the dick when they want it huh? And to answer yo question nigga no the baby ain’t nobody’s because ain’t no baby stoopid. What makes you think I wanna have a baby with you, you damn near beat my fucking lights out. I didn’t sleep with nobody with my stoopid ass I should have several times but being loyal to you was my downfall. I’ve never busted it open for anyone but you but baby listen I could have plenty of times. To be honest, I don’t even know why you still here you can leave.” I folded my arms in that bed out of all the arguing my fear had turned to pure hatred and disgust. I would never bore a baby for him, ever, I’d die first.

Stand by the window with steam coming from his head the tips of his ears were red. “So you mean to tell me you took this ass whooping all because you felt like playing games. You must think I’m stupid, Julisa.”

“Nah, Dorien you not stupid, you sorry. No, take that back I’m sorry. I’m sorry for ever marrying you. Letting your potential lead me to self-destruction. You’ve cheated time and time again and I’ve stayed trying to keep up appearances but guess what I’m done. I may not have cheated physically but mentally and emotionally I’m gone and I promise there’s nothing you can do to change my mind.” I pressed the nurse button and prepared myself for the acting my ribs still hurt but I needed to get him out of here now.

Before he could speak the nurses came in and asked me what was wrong. He stood there with his fist balled up. “My chest hurts and it’s kind of hard for me to breath. Can you send my husband home so I can get you rest.”

“Your heart rate high I’m going to page the Dr. on call. Mr. Mosley I need you to go home and get some rest because that’s what you both need right now. The stress on the baby is not good at all. “

He tried to protest but the nurse insisted. “So when will she be discharged?” He glared at me, I know he’d wished I was dead foreal now.

“Depending on what the test some probably within the next 24-36 hours, but that’s all depending on testing.” She said as she ushered him out the door.

What they didn’t know was I was leaving as soon as he left and as fast as I could get my clothes on.

To be continued…

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