It felt as if he was banging my head on the floor. I was having an out of body experience and stood there as blood poured from my head and he panicked. “Julisa!” he screamed as he smacked my face. Motionless my body laid there while my soul screamed for pure mercy. I kneeled to pray over my body. To pray to the Lord that if this was my last second on earth may Dorien be haunted for the rest of his days. Something snatched me like I was being dragged across the floor. Then out of nowhere a shock and a deep breath, I was back to consciousness I was still lying on the floor.

I scurried up off the floor, a little dizzy. I checked my body for the blood bath I saw, for the large contusion that I knew was on the back of my head. I doubled over in pain as if my abdomen was being ripped away from my skin. I guess the shocked was over now time for the real pain. I crawled over to the end table that held my keys and my phone. Praying to God, again as I dialed 911 that I would not die on this floor. All I could think of was the lullaby “Hush, Little Baby”. Humming that tune I rocked myself back and forth hoping that I wouldn’t have to endure this pain much more.


How dare that bitch come into my house straight from fucking and be bold enough to say yes in my muthafuckin’ face. That hoe gots ta be crazy. I thought to myself downing my Hennessey. I was in a hotel bar because when I came too after blacking out she was laying there unconscious. I didn’t check her pulse or no shit like that because I was scared. To be honest I hope she ain’t dead but she deserved that shit. I don’t give a fuck how many numbers she’s found, how many almost situations she’s caught me in, and how many times somebody say they saw me. She ain’t never seen with her own eyes me doing nothing. So for her to even think it was ok to say that to me was crazy. I’m gone give her a couple days to cool down and then ill head back home.

I pulled out my cell to call Christian. “Wassup gurl, you lost my number or something? Why you ain’t called me?”

“Boy bye, you and Julisa must be at it again cause last time I checked the phone works both ways.”

“Boy, whatchu mean boy. I’m about to come over there and show you what this grown ass man packing cause you must’ve forgot. I’ll be there in 20 mins.” I hung up and didn’t hear nothing else she was saying.

I paid my tab and headed towards the door. I looked down at my hands. I bet that hoe extra sorry now that she even thought to let another nigga even look at the color of her eyes let alone fuck her. She’ll know better next time.

Leaving out of the bar to go pull on Christian made me feel a little better. During that twenty minute drive, I thought about Julisa and how she had betrayed me to the fullest. Cheating is in a man’s blood but how could my precious wife throw my trust out the window. I couldn’t believe her and she was bold about it too. My cheating had slowed down terribly. I was down to one or two bitches a month, but she didn’t have any proof other than those numbers in my phone. Or maybe a random call, but I was never caught in the act.

Christian has always been my go-to when me and Julisa were at odds because she gave me a reasonable voice. One that after we fucked led me back to Julisa. Christian never wants me to herself she holds up my marriage as if it’s her own. If I knew better I’d think Christian was hoping for Julisa to win and hang in there. Even if she was, she wasn’t doing a great job at it, because she always answered my calls. When it was time, no cuss and fuss just fucking and a motivational speech for me as a husband afterwards. Julissa hadn’t called yet so maybe I’d be in the clear by tonight.


Everything was a blur when I opened my eyes. A nurse was standing at bay checking my fluids and what not. Almost everything on my body was stiff and I even had a breathing tube.

“Oh thank God you’re awake you’ve been out for about 12 hours now and I was starting to get worried.” The nurse said frantically. “I’ll page the doctor for you.”

“Please bring me back some water my throat is drier than a desert.”

This man had never put his hands on me before and like that, one phrase turned him into a complete monster. He had cheated on me many times. The one time he assumed I was cheating there were no words to use or to understand why his first step was violence. His stupid ass lucky I couldn’t move fast enough or he would’ve been fucked up with me.

“Thank you for joining us. I’m Dr. Benjamin Tarrent. Can you tell me your name?” The doctor asked me as he walked into the room.

“Julisa Mosley, can you tell me what’s wrong with me?”

“Well, Mrs. Mosley you have a few broken ribs, a slight contusion on the back of your head and a few bruises but other than that you and the baby will survive. Now can you tell me how such a beautiful woman end up so badly beaten?”

What the fuck did he mean a baby? “What do you mean the baby? I can’t have babies I am on the Mirena, I can’t get pregnant for 3 more years. I don’t understand what you mean.”

“Mrs. Mosley you’re about 10 weeks pregnant.”

To be continued…

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