This is so dumb I really don’t know how we got stuck in this stupid elevator together. He was there with his headphones in, with his stupid face, ignoring me like he had been all week.

“Did you press the call button, again?” I knew he pressed it several times just wanted to spark conversation.

“Man, you seen me do it. I don’t know what you’re being all prissy for?” He tapped the button several more times. He had this smug look on his face and all I wanted to do was smack off.

“Why wouldn’t I be upset David?” I said with my hand on my hip.

“Kay yo act like I can read your mind. I didn’t even do anything. You super overexaggerating.”

I was exaggerating, me. He’s the one that came into my space, even though I let him in, but I definitely did not let him in. After a drunken night of passionate baby making sex, we had fallen into a routing with late night text which were followed by even later sex. But I hadn’t heard from David in about a week.

“So why haven’t you been texting me back? You avoiding me or something? We live in the same building and I haven’t seen you period.”

Pushing the intercom again hoping maintenance could hear him. “Nope I’ve just been busy.”

“Busy doing what?” I tossed my braids over my shoulder. I was highly pissed.

“You know what to be completely honest with you, one day your phone was just going off while you were in the shower and I could see the preview messages. Something told me to glance but when I did, I regretted it right away. A group message about me and my penis and how I was a decent lay. That I lacked romance and foreplay, but instead of you opening your mouth and telling me, you exposed me to your friends. So, I figured since you weren’t adult enough to express your needs, I was done. It was fun while it lasted to me.

“We been in this elevator for almost an hour and you been ghosting me because of some funky text messages with my friends. That’s what friends do. They joke. How childish, why are you so in your feeling about a text message.”

“I’m not in my feelings I just thought we were better than that. I thought I was doing more than…” The elevator dinged before he could finish his sentence. “Whatever, it is what it is. I’m done that’s it that’s all.” He shrugged and exited the elevator.

“Alright David I guess.” I sighed.

He chucked up the peace sign and walked towards the main entrance as I walked in the opposite direction towards the managers offices to tell them about these janky elevators.


Don’t fret you’ll be seeing more of Kay and David soon…