Chasing your dream seems so easy now. It wasn’t always this way, well at least for me it wasn’t. I’ve always felt like my dreams were chasing me and I was dodging them at all cost, not purposely but it was happening.

As a child, you are given the imagination to use and runaway with. Each year you grew and got older, limits were placed on your personality and imagination, turning you into someone else. These limits may not have been placed purposely, maybe by parents, family, friends or tv but they were created.

By the time you realize your dreams weren’t bring followed you’ve already conformed to school, college or a full-time job sitting in unfulfilled feelings. Some people don’t fully activate their gift until adulthood, but in your gut, you know that Administrative Executive isn’t what you had in mind but it pays the bills. Something else stays tugging on your heartstrings and the gift that GOD gave you may have been sitting in the corner of your mind since high school. So my goal is to always share my story so people everywhere know it’s never too late to follow your dreams and make things happen. My motto is, broken crayons still color, so no matter what you’ve been through your story may change someone’s life.

You can go from working for the man to establishing six more streams of income to go along with that. Being an entrepreneur doesn’t always mean to quit and struggle through it. Your job can be the foundation for your business and be the stepping stone you need out if that’s what you’re looking for. The goal is to maximize your earned income so that after you pay bills and create a stable household, you have excess money to fund your portfolio and passive streams of income.