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Art by @ReeseRoyce215

FB Short Story Challenge

Today was our writing session. Here she was again unfolding her thoughts in my bed, typing across her keyboard. I sat at my desk with the pen top in my mouth as I watch the magnificent ideas scroll her face as she tapped at the keys. Yes, I was old school today like any other day writing and scratching in my notebook. My writing process was everything and nothing. My mind stayed everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Most stories ran together most times, but I had to get them out because if not my head would explode.

Jessie was the only one I let read my shit. I was such an introvert with my writing because people are very judgy, but something about her made it flow. I vibed with the whole friendship. She made me feel a whole type of way, she gassed me up when I was down and everything. Her sexy swag was strong as hell that’s what drew me to her and her pen game was sick as fuck too. 

Now usually I’d be on the bed with her and we’d be tossing ideas back and forth. But the last two times she came over my mind switched from friend to freaky fantasy and it threw my brain for a loop. One day on Facebook one of her freaky ass statuses let people ask her questions and one of them caught my eye. It asked if she had ever been with a girl she said no, but was not against it. And I mean when I tell you she talks about any and everything, she does, but this one thing had her shook and I knew all about it. My mind switched from not paying attention to nothing to paying attention to everything. 

Jessie stood about 5’3, beautiful high yellow with a tan and forehead on 7 but it was cool though cause mine was about a 6. She had an average size body an everything sat upright, ass wasn’t fat but the muthafucka moved like it was. She had rings everywhere tongue, ears, nose, nipples, and clitoris, sweet baby Jesus. I had seen them before but I never stopped to think about them til that post. That night I pictured our tongues intertwined as I played with the hoop connected to her love button. Ever since then my body gets hot when I’m around her and my pussy be on drench mode. My mind kept making me the first to wrap my pretty lips around them titties. Or being the first one to hold her hair while she trying to figure out if she eating the pussy right. So I was definitely sitting over here tonight. 

Something pulled me outta my daze. It was Jessie she jumped on the bed and started twerking. I was trying not to stare but that shit had me hypnotized. I snapped out of it and started laughing. 

Bitch, what the hell you on tonight? In here throwing that little ass booty in a circle.” I said giggling a little. 

“My mama told me there’s always one hater everywhere you go. You mad cause that thang you toting only good for fuckin’ cause you can bounce a quarter off the stiff mufucka.” She said still twerking them cheeks. 

She was shooting at me, so I pulled my pajama pants up and started moving my hips and shaking my ass. It may have been a muscle booty but I knew how to whip them hips and make it do something. “Bitch, bye. What is we celebrating?”

She stopped twerking and looked at me like she was about to cry. “I’m so fuccccking happy right now Iesha. My book in the top 20 on Amazon and I’m on cloud 9, bitch. I need an energy outlet right now.” 

I had a great energy outlet for her but dancing would have to do for now. Baby girl had her nipple rings rubbing up against that white t-shirt she had on. I turned on my Pandora and SZA “The Weekend” exploded from the speaker.

My man is my man is your man

Her, this her man too

My man is my man is your man

Her, that’s her man

Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

I just keep him satisfied through the weekend

You’re like 9 to 5, I’m the weekend

Make him lose his mind every weekend

You take Wednesday, Thursday

Then just send him my way

Think I got it covered for the weekend. 

“This my shit boo.” She got hyper and started rotating the fuck out of them hips. It reminded me of back when I was in my early teens and everybody loved hip rolling. Now, here I was creeping up on 30.  

Watching her dance would’ve been easier if I wasn’t undressing her with my eyes. Her reaching out for my hand wouldn’t have bothered me so if I couldn’t feel my heartbeat in the center of my wetness. She spun me around and I twisted her back and somehow we ended up in the spooning position standing up. We rocked back and forth, he warmth had awakened something in my soul. I closed my eyes and rode the wave, this was as close to my fantasy I was going to get. My hands roamed to the tempo and before I knew it I felt skin. I felt the song coming to an end and I prepared myself for questions I weren’t ready for. I tried to calm my heartbeat between the pregnant pause between the end of a song and the start of a new one. 

Jessie put some space between us and tucked a piece of her auburn hair behind her ear and blushed. The silence that was burning a hole in the air was broken by Mac Miller’s “Favorite Part”.  

Said, you just don’t know how beautiful you are

And baby that’s my favorite part

You walk around so clueless to it all. 

So I decided it was time to shoot my shot. I reached my hand up and tucked her other piece of hair behind her ear and cradled her face and brought it in for a kiss. She tensed up at first and then she relaxed and let it happen. I couldn’t ravage her like a man. I wanted to be delicate with her to show her that this was precious to me and I would treat it as such. Not trying to fall in love but I wasn’t trying to run my friend away by being all extra. I slid my hand down the waistband of her yoga pants and caressed the silver ball that intertwined with her clitoris. As my tongue dance with hers and my hands played in her nectar, her body shuttered. I figured tomorrow would be full of questions but tonight the pleasure would make it worth it. She wiggled herself out of her pants and thong and I pushed her back on the bed.  

Lawd, when I say that thang was beautiful. It was beautiful. She had a landing strip and when she blushed that lil baby turned as pink as roses. I pulled off my t-shirt which made her snatch hers off. I took my shorts off and drenched they were because I never wore panties. She bit her lip and stared like she never seen me naked before. All this caramel was exposed and open, she was about to see a side of me no one had seen in a while. I conquers the pussy. 

I started with her lips she gave them with a moan. Kissing down one side of her collarbone and up the other I started my trip south. I flicked my tongue across her left nipple ring before I closed my mouth around her areola. I didn’t want the right nipple to feel neglected so I left the left to play with the right. She arched her back up and I pushed them together to give them equal attention. The taste of her sweet skin made my taste buds go crazy. 

She ran her hand through my bouncy wrap that I was about to fuck up cause I didn’t putt my scarf on. I made my way down her stomach kissing all over the supple skin between her breast and her belly button. Now I know my body and I get bad shakes when people parlay around my navel area. I wanted to see what her reaction would be so I French kissed navel like I was about to do her pussy. She damn near jumped off the bed I held her hips because I was almost to my destination. In my mind that landing strip was there just for me. I looked up to see if her eyes were open or closed and there she was staring down at me.  As I placed my lips around that cold piece of titanium I felt something hit me in the back of the head.  

I shook my head and there Jessie stood in the middle of my bed hand on her hips. “Bitch how you gone ignore me I’m over here e excited as hell.” She gave me a half ass pout. 

“I’m sorry boo you know how I get when I’m in my zone.” Do y’all know how close I was to bussing in my chair. I was beyond mad. “Bitch what you all excited for?”

She started twerking “My book in the top 20 on Amazon and I’m on cloud 9, bitch. I need an energy outlet right now.” My eyes almost fell out my head y’all. She jumped down off the bed and turned her Pandora on, on her phone, y’all guess what banged through the speaker. 

“Bitch this my shit.” She screamed as she belted the words to SZA’s “The Weekend”.  

Please pray for me y’all and hope I make it past my fantasy.

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