The hard rain outside knocked on the roof while we watched Lion King on Netflix. As we heard the thunderclap the sky lit up and turned a beautiful purple and then went pitch black completely. You nudged my body up and led me outside, I guess our movie night was over. We went outside on the balcony. As I enjoyed the view I was getting wet in more than one way. The sound of the rain was soothing my inner beast and making her very vulnerable. You sat inhaling the fresh rain as it poured, I took my seat on your lap and you wrapped your arms around me. So close I was intoxicated by your cologne, Issey Miyake. Sliding my hand up your shoulders I caressed the back of your neck untying your durag so I could see those waves that made me seasick. It was about time you gave into my fetish and let me nibble on those ears.

“Why you gotta play so much.” You asked as I stroked your hair with my palms.

I leaned in and whispered in your ear, “I don’t be playing you just being difficult.” I took the tip of my tongue and ran it up your neck and wrapped my lips around your earlobe.

“See you always trying to start something you can’t finish.” You gripped my arms behind my back and bit seductively into my neck. Oh, how I missed this feeling.

“Oh, I got time today.” I moaned.

“Let’s see if you can back that up.”

Usually, our visits were cut short by spouses or children, but today we cut the phones off. Today was ours. It may be the last one, so we have to cherish it. I was feeling quite sexy in my red slip dress and since you were challenging me it was time to utilize those slits. I looked deep into those chocolate eyes of yours and kissed you deeply. Let our tongues reacquaint themselves. The way your tongues moved so fluidly sent chills through my body.

It felt as if that kiss made the rain come down harder. Our kissing was leading straight to the shedding of clothes. I wanted to make love right there in the rain under the storm that mimicked the one inside of me. You watched as each drop of rain savored the kiss of my sensuous curves. You staring at me made me insecure, but you hated when I covered up so I closed my eyes and waited for you to take me because my body was calling you. When I opened my eyes there you were again and this time your eyes held the questions your mouth wouldn’t ask.

“I missed seeing you like this, so open and all naked and shit. It’s been about five weeks and I’ve seen your body only in my mind.” I felt your warm breath stroll down my neck. “And in my mind, I’ve kissed those lips a dozen times. Now I don’t have to daydream anymore, I get to do whatever I want to with them.” You scooped me up and you place my legs around your waist kissing the wet skin that led to my dark areolas.

Laying me down on the area rug outside you continued to place kisses everywhere you felt needed them. From my thighs to my ankles your lips grazed but baby when you made your way back up my back arched up to meet you. Your lips met the ones below my waist and I gasped. Starting off with soft pecks she opened up for you. Your kisses have always turned me on but this one was definitely going to have me betraying my own mind. French kissing my love made me moan from my throat and the more I moaned the deeper you pushed your tongue. You took your thumb and circled my clitoris and that was the moment I knew I was going to pass out.

When you stop pleasing your taste buds you slid into pushing all the way through. Slow and deep you pushed me closer and closer to death. By this time I knew I had two sensitive spots, the one at the entrance of my vagina and the one you made love to with the curve of your dick.

“Bae quit playin’ go faster.”

I needed you to go faster and create the friction that set my soul on fire. You stopped and looked me square in the eye reassuring me that we would make it there, but I had to be patient. As soon as I got comfortable in my position you switched it up on me. You placed my leg on the ottoman that was outside and pressed me up against the glass of the sliding door. The way you entered my body gave me some type of euphoric relief.

You bit into my neck as you picked up speed, giving me exactly what my body desired.

“I’m cummin.” I panted trying to catch my balance but you wouldn’t let up. As I creamed on you dick you pounded away and rubbed at my clitoris. It may have been raining outside but you were soaked with all of my fluids. If I didn’t know any better I’d say you were trying to get me pregnant. I had no more energy to give once you came, so you carried me to the bed and gave me the warm towel treatment and spooned right up next to me.

Now I know how quickly Netflix and Chill turns into fuck that movie.